I think the members feature should have sliders for both paid and free

And I also think that professional theme authors who integrate this feature follow suit. When I say sliders, I mean having another one in the Labs under members that says “:white_check_mark: Enable paid members” for those who want a paywall site. This may have been discussed at length, I just can’t find it anywhere.

Edit: Removed for irrational thinking.

Mmmm, i want to know if either i havent felt this with my themes or if i misunderstood you.

Normally, if you enable the members option but you dont add stripe nor pricing, your members are just like subscribers automatically on the free tier. Normally, themes come with a newsletter page template and you use it to collect subscribers. (Fueko themes are this way)

After saying this: isn’t this enough to solve your issue?

I apologize if it sounds like I’m generalizing. There are theme authors out there that are incorporating these features with this in mind, but I’ve seen more that don’t do it vs. those that do (Lyra, Pico, Astro to name a few). My suggestion was to be able to enable subscribers and have paid members as a separate feature.

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Members and subsriptions are a clearly labelled beta feature which is in active development.

You’re very welcome to use it and to send feedback, but if your frustrations are that it doesn’t seem to be a finished, polished experience: then there’s a good chance your expectations are not realistic.

If you want a finished, polished product - wait till it’s out of beta and use it then. In the interim, it’s absolutely intentional and expected that manual theme development is required.

Cut us some slack, please.


Hey John, I didn’t mean to ruffle any feathers. The first part was supposed to be more of a suggestion, which is why I posted it under Ideas. The second part was uncalled for and I apologize. I appreciate everything the team is doing and am definitely looking forward to the end goal.

No problem!