Payment currency in EU

@jpm , the solution Fabien described involves modifying the record directly in the db. Something like this answer - Payment currency in EU, should work but instead of CAD you’d use INP and apply this to every USD plan you have in the database. Make sure to also restart your instance after changing the db. Also, strongly advise backing everything up and trying these changes on “test” Stripe account first.

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Thanks Naz, if we update the db directly, does it go to default after any updates that we do via the CLI too Ghost?

Yes, just found that out myself, so raising a thread for this… Here you can support an upvote for Stripe + INR currency acceptance in Ghost.

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does it go to default

Sorry, not quite following this part. What goes to which default? What exactly do you mean? If you update the values in the db and restart the instance those plans will be created on connected Stripe account and will stay there and in your DB till you manually remove them.

One thing to note, with this approach we do not guarantee that your currencies will work with every new minor or major version. Would recommend tracking minors and check if there are nay migrations touching the currencies and having the bump done on some local environment first if there are doubts. We do not account for manual modifications like this one in the main version of Ghost. That’s why this approach comes with big, bold very not officially supported :slight_smile:

Hey Naz,

Yes, I’m worried that if there is a version update, it might not be worth the effort to make those changes again. Will have to wait for the official support of INR / ₹ :slight_smile:


@naz would like to add to JPM’s request to add support for INR. Stripe already supports inr natively, hopefully shouldnt be much work

Just invite your developer / designer friends to use Ghost and like this post → Payment Currency In INR / ₹ - Membership / Subscription – the Ghost team should see more support requirement and hopefully work on it in.