Any plans for Stripe alternatives?

Stripe is currently available in 34 countries. Are there any plans to incorporate some other payment provider, or are those of us that don’t have a bank account in one of those countries out of luck?

I guess that going down the Stripe Atlas route remains an option, but from what I can tell, that privilege seems to be in the ballpark of $500 upfront fee + $500ish dollars per year.


You might think about incorporating TranswerWise for payments outside Stripe zone.

With TransferWise, is possibile to send money to the following currencies:

AED - Emirati Dirham - Within the UAE
ARS - Argentine Peso - Within Argentina
BDT - Bangladeshi Taka - Within Bangladesh
CLP - Chilean Peso - Within Chile
CNY - Chinese Yuan - Within China, from a limited list of countries (see here for the full list)
COP - Colombian Peso - Within Colombia - Transfers to Colombia are closed to new customers for the time being. 
EGP - Egyptian Pound - Within Egypt
GEL - Georgian Lari - Within Georgia
GHS - Ghanaian Cedi - Within Ghana
IDR - Indonesian Rupiah - Within Indonesia
ILS - Israeli Shekels - Within Israel
INR - Indian Rupee - TransferWise sends out INR via RTGS, NEFT, TPT (as appropriate) to INR-denominated accounts in India.
KES - Kenyan Shillings - Within Kenya
KRW - South Korean Won - Within South Korea - Transfers to Korea are closed to new customers for the time being. This is due to a change in Transferwise partner's operational requirements.                                                                                                      LKR - Sri Lankan Rupee - Within Sri Lanka
MAD - Moroccan Dirham - Within Morocco
MXN - Mexican Peso - Within Mexico
MYR - Malaysian Ringgit - Within Malaysia
NGN - Nigerian Naira - Within Nigeria
NPR - Nepalese Rupee - Within Nepal
PEN - Peruvian Sol - Within Peru
PHP - Philippine Peso  - Within Philippines
PKR - Pakistani Rupee  - TransferWise can send payments to private recipients within Pakistan.
RUB - Russian Ruble - Within Russia (except Sevastopol and Crimea due to EU sanctions)
THB - Thai Baht - Within Thailand
UAH - Ukranian Hryvna - Within Ukraine 
VND - Vietnamese Dong - Within Vietnam

I think this issue should be given high priority. As someone from India, where Stripe is not (yet) supported, this was one of the reasons I gave up on Medium.

That said, Ghost’s open-source and integration-friendly nature are a huge advantage. I notice one can already integrate member lists with Patreon and Zapier. If there was a plugin or tutorial on linking to a service like PayPal, that would be great (should be relatively easy to do since PayPal already uses email address to authenticate?).

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I just realised PayPal integration would take more effort, since it requires Ghost to directly accept the payment and add people to the list (as opposed to, say, Patreon where the member list and payments are handled by Patreon too and Ghost is just copying the list over).

One workaround would be for everyone in non-Stripe countries to create Patreon accounts, link them to PayPal, and manage subscriptions there. But that’s a whole different ballgame.

Despite the extra work, it should be possible for the Ghost team to work out something, especially given how many people this would affect. I know there are plans to eventually expose the whole memberships API, but until then, could a beta version or something be prepared for cases like this?

Oh, I’ve totally missed the Patreon integration.

This definitely makes Memberships more useful, since Patreon supports Payoneer and PayPal as payment options for non-US citizens, both of which are more broadly available than Stripe.

I’d personally love to see Payoneer support out of the box, which would, in my desired use case, cut down two middlemen (Patreon and Zapier). I just hope there’s no some sort of an exclusivity deal between Ghost and Stripe.

Yup. Can someone from the Ghost team give a confirmation on this?

You can already use any payment gateway you want via Zapier or direct API use, Patreon is just one documented example, the same setup works for just about any other system.

We’ll look at adding other native payment gateways over time, as covered in the FAQ

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Any update on this? I’m from Armenia and this is crucial for me. Having Payoneer or 2Checkout integration will be great.

India now accepts Stripe. The only problem you’ll face is that if an Indian consumer uses an Indian credit card - it will not be accepted by Stripe, because of Indian regulations. The Indian consumer/customer will have to use a USD / International Credit card right now.

This changes of course, if Ghost team can incorporate INR like they did for the 5 other currencies. They’ll only have this on the table if more Indian developers/users start asking for this. If there’s a voting mechanism - would liek to know, else just creating a thread "Payment Currency In INR / ₹ " would be a good start.

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Try to use Yandex Checkout - integration is super easy (by embeding widget) and fast.
About -
Embed -
By API -

Here you can support an upvote for Stripe + INR currency acceptance in Ghost.

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This thread has been helpful :+1:

I’m faced with the same issue as I’d like to receive funds from Turkish members, but neither PayPal nor Stripe works here. Payoneer is a very common choice for e-commerce in Turkey.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to integrate multiple payment gateways, let’s say Stripe for US and European members AND Payoneer for Turkey?

@John, it looks like the link you posted (“documented example”) is not working anymore. Is there any other tutorial that could teach me how to integrate Payoneer into my ghost site?

Maybe iyzico can be a good alternative for Turkey. Alibaba bought them 2 years ago (source) and as far as i know, they available Globally. But anyway, their services and market share are so niche compare to Stripe.

Check this.