PayPal and Zap Integration

Hello, everyone.

I previously posted an issue with Stripe, in that Stripe changed their policies to no longer work with Adult Content. This forces me to use PayPal and Zap integration. I have tested the PayPal and Zap function on the Zap website, and it is working correctly.

Currently, I am using the Lyra theme. However, the members (beta) and the Lyra theme are designed to work with Stripe. I was told that I would need to modify the theme in order for the PayPal and Zap integration to be used instead of the traditional Stripe. The Lyra theme has a “Subscribe” button in the top right corner, which needs to be modified to be used with the PayPal and Zap integration (I assume).

However, I am not quite sure how to do this. Any guidance would be appreciated.


Hey @RheaHayworth :wave:
We very recently added an integration guide for using PayPal with Ghost Members here:

I’d advise editing Lyra and replacing the subscribe button with the PayPal button mentioned in this guide. The subscribe button can be found in the site-nav.hbs template file, here’s a GitHub link as reference: