PayPal and Zap Integration

Hello, everyone.

I previously posted an issue with Stripe, in that Stripe changed their policies to no longer work with Adult Content. This forces me to use PayPal and Zap integration. I have tested the PayPal and Zap function on the Zap website, and it is working correctly.

Currently, I am using the Lyra theme. However, the members (beta) and the Lyra theme are designed to work with Stripe. I was told that I would need to modify the theme in order for the PayPal and Zap integration to be used instead of the traditional Stripe. The Lyra theme has a “Subscribe” button in the top right corner, which needs to be modified to be used with the PayPal and Zap integration (I assume).

However, I am not quite sure how to do this. Any guidance would be appreciated.


Hey @RheaHayworth :wave:
We very recently added an integration guide for using PayPal with Ghost Members here:

I’d advise editing Lyra and replacing the subscribe button with the PayPal button mentioned in this guide. The subscribe button can be found in the site-nav.hbs template file, here’s a GitHub link as reference:

hey @DavidDarnes! may i ask that with this integration do we need to set up Mailgun or something similar in the Members section?

Or when a user clicks Subscribe, they will automatically be directed to Paypal & from there we can manage all the emails from Paypal business dashboard?

Thank you in advance for any help!

You’ll see in the integration that it asks you to add a PayPal button to your site, once someone has followed the PayPal steps their email will be added to your Ghost Members via Zapier. You’ll need to set up Mailgun if you wish to send out email newsletters from Ghost, regardless of how their email gets added :blush:

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