Penang - Membership and Subscription Ghost 3.0 Theme

Hey all,

I recently released Penang, a new premium Ghost theme with full membership and subscription support.

≫ Demo

≫ Explore & Download Melaka

Dark mode version is also available:

Feel free to ask any questions…

Thank you


Impressive work – clearly much effort has gone into this.

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Thank you very much!

One of the best themes out there in my opinion! Good job.

I’ll be writing a full review about it later this month probably. Do you know a way to “giveaway” a license of this theme?

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Thank you! If you can please get in touch at so we can manage this.

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Will do! Thank you

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The dark mode is now activated automatically based on the Operating System mode. Also, added a navigation icon to switch between dark and light mode as an extra option.



The member now will be able to view his subscription details, edit the billing, renew or cancel the subscription :v:.

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