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Hopefully quick question on a loop I’m getting with signups using the Pico theme (stock). As you can see in the two screenshots below, the upon entering a valid email address the Pico theme should display a success message. In my config, which is stock aside from some CSS changes, I get 30 seconds of spinning wheel and then an error message — and this with a valid email.

Any advice appreciated. Ghost 3.0, subscribers and memberships enabled.

! Screenshot 2020-02-03 at 15.49.36|690x140

The error message is as follows:

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Hey @gmansf. Guessing this is on a self-hosted version of Ghost? I could be that your server is configured to ignore spam email addresses, have you tried a real email address like your own?

Thanks for getting back to me David. It is self hosted and I tried it — and failed — with mine. Any idea how I would reconfigure my server to allow various email addresses?

I see. Would I be right in saying that you followed these instructions in our Members documentation?

Stupidly, I haven’t. I tried the Test Email in Labs and it didn’t go through. That’s probably it as Pico likely has to send an email in order to confirm signup.

I’ll config with Mailgun. I am somewhat paranoid that this will affect the existing workaround I have that sends emails from my domain. Is this true? Can you have two separate thingies send from the same domain?

It should be fine, Mailgun should account for things like that in their documentation if not :slight_smile:

I just wanted to update this for anyone else to say that after configuring mail the loop fixed itself. It stalls at the payment screen — perhaps because I’ve yet to configure Stripe — but the initial problem is SOLVED.

Blog runs as normal tho Ghost claims the config file is funky (see below). I hope that’s not a cause for concern in the future.

Actually, David as you’re incredibly knowledgeable about all this stuff, is there a way to disable the ?action screen following signup that asks for a Monthly or Yearly subscription? I’ve yet to get any content up there worth someone paying for so would like to comment out this page if it’s possible and just retain the email address (which is logged before this screen).

I think if you comment this line out it’ll prevent the redirect from happening, I’ve yet to test this though:

Thank you so much David! For anyone with similar issues, this has SOLVED the problem.

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