Sign-up not working - Continue button endlessly spins

Hello. I’ve hit an odd issue with a new Ghost install.

I’ve got members all set up and connected to Stripe and Mailgun - but when I try to input an email address to sign up as a member, the continue button just spins endlessly and never resolved.

You can try it here.

Any ideas?

Hey @Adders,

I’ve just had a quick go myself with my email. I’m also seeing the spinner endlessly. The browser inspector tells me there’s an issue with https, and when I check the canonical URL of the page it contains http rather than https. I’m wondering if your site configuration isn’t quite right?

You can update the domain using the Ghost CLI, there’s an example here in our docs:

Let us know how you get on :blush:

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That was it. Once I changed both the URL and the admin URL to use https it all started working.

Thank you.

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No problem! Glad I was able to help :+1:

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I’m glad this thread exists as I’m having the same issue except the answer here seems geared towards someone who is self hosting? Is there something I’m missing that I should be looking at or adjusting?

The only non default things I’m using are a different theme and a script specific to photos.

Are you using Ghost(Pro)? If so drop us an email on and we’ll be more than happy to give you a hand directly :slight_smile:

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