Please suggest alternative for mailgun

Hi I am looking for mailgun alternative.

I don’t like mailgun. their support sucks.

I created a new account but was not able to verify the account. And I can’t even test sending email using their apis until email gets verified.

They are throwing some error while email verification. I contacted their support, but no response from their side.

Please suggest any alternatives.

Ghost only natively supports Mailgun for newsletters. You can use whatever you want for transactional email.

If you want to send a newsletter without Mailgun, you can use something like Zapier or similar to get your members sync’d into another provider. There are additional costs to doing this and additional complexity. I’d recommend trying to sort out the problem with Mailgun. There’s a lot of mailgun experience on this forum, so if you described what the problem was, including the specific error messages, you might get some help.

(The Ghost team has said that they’re willing to take a PR that makes it possible to plug in other providers, but no one has stepped up to build it.)

Aside: Ghost Pro and other managed hosts will handle the Mailgun configuration for you. That’s part of what you pay for – this sort of stuff being someone else’s job!

Not trying to spam but I did make an app for this as a solution -

More info. on this forum - Ghosler - Newsletters without Mailgun!

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