Podcast with Ghost

I see that doing a podcast is possible yet we’d have to cobble together a RSS feed ourselves. Are podcasts any simpler to do with Ghost or just the same? Is there a way to make many podcast “shows” with Ghost and have each on their own “page” and it was noted that content can be restricted. How much? If I have content that’s free then would that content still show up for people with premium subscriptions? It’s just really confusing.

Yes, you can put multiple podcasts on one Ghost site. Yes, you’ll probably want to edit the rss.hbs file(s), which means you need the ability to upload a custom theme (so not ghost.io’s starter plan). You can make it so that content doesn’t show up for users who can’t read it. Premium users can read free content, so that’s not a problem.

If you have more questions, please post them! I wasn’t 100% sure what exactly you needed in your first message. :)

If I have a free version shown to those who don’t pay then the premium members would see 2 versions of the same thing. People who do pay would see a free version of the podcast and then a paid version of the same podcast. I’d prefer to have it be like this person is viewing this, only show them this, not that. Free people see free people stuff and paid people see premium stuff. Is that possible without a lot of messing about?

I’m also interested in doing podcasts on ghost. but I don’t understand how I can host podcasts with ghost? :smiling_face_with_tear:

It would be possible to write some css to only show the second audio file on the page, yes…

Ghost has an audio card. You can put a podcast in it. :slight_smile: