Portal translation

Hello there,

I’m contacting you regarding Portal.
I did take a tour on the forum and figured out that there is no translation possible in the modal ( that’s pretty unfortunate, because our clients are not native english speakers… )
I’m trying to access .js files to change the portal template sentence to french BUT i can’t find the templates on my VPS.

I found Ghost subscription template in the core directory, but can’t figure out were the portal templates are.
Can someone help me to find the path so we can do the translations ?


The code for portal is in the javascript file portal.min.js
It is a React based app built from the Portal repo
To have a custom portal, you will need to fork the Portal repo, update it, build it . The result will be a new portal.min.js
After that, you need to deploy this file to a location where it can be referenced from. Then point Ghost to use this new portal file updating config.{ENV}.properties as :

"portal": {
        "url": "https://...../portal.min.js"
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