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Hi good Ghost people,

The new Portal feature looks excellent — very clean and hopefully a great addition to get more members on board and to simplify the sign up process.

However, I do miss the possibility of translating all the English words in the form to my users native language. Which files do I need to edit to accomplish this?

Also, every time I update Ghost, I have to translate signin.js, signup.js and subscribe.js etc. to get the email sign up and log in flow to work in my native tongue. I hope you have this is mind for a future update, which would make Ghost a super solution for many more people around the world, that need to localize their website.

Keep up the good work!



Congratulations indeed for this new feature, I’m also interested in translation

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The feature turned out really nice. Translations would be even cooler, can we help contribute?

Indeed, portal translation capability has been the only one missing feature which has me make consider other platforms por membership.

I would be glad to help too.



Interested on this topic. Any news about how to proceed with portal translations?

Any news on portal translations??
If the best technical path is set by the authors on how to technically implement it (library to be used, how to integrate portal with an specific language like adding a ?es param or whatever) I would be ready to gif a help on dirty work.

Please vote to give some visibility.



Please make it possible to translate the Portal.

that’s something I really miss

my base of readers, do not speak english, so the email and login pages are a problem to them

can we help ?

Vote here to give more visibility to the idea


Is there a way to hard code the translation on the server? Similar to how you can do with emails Ghost Email customization - #3 by Izak_Jackson

Not sure if this, but you should be able to use the translation helper in the portal files, aren’t you? If it’s limited to hbs maybe a partial?

I made this pull request with almost all translations resolved.

It lacks translation of a pair of files (but translations are there commented) where I was not able to instantiate the i18n object (I am not good enough at js) hopping the repository owners would take advantage of it. But sadly, it seems they are not very interesting on portal translation right now.
Hope the pull request could help you.

Awesome, man… If I had the skills I’ll certainly work on it. Hope it gets merged soon. Congrats for the nice job

No idea how many Swedish users here are, but I am more than happy to help with the Swedish part.

I’ve described another solution for self-hosted Ghost instance on how to override Portal here:

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