Possibility to upload data files for D3 integration in posts

I am new to ghost and want to use it to display data visualizations via D2.js in my blog posts.

I managed to upload my JSON files containing the data via GIT but that’s not a very handy procedure as I allways would have to deploy the system.

Isn’t there a better way to add my data files into the assets folder? Is there any way to write my own plugin to be able to use the backend to upload files to be used from within blog posts?


One route would be to include these files in your theme and use our GitHub Deploy Action to automatically update your theme when new files are pushed:

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Thanx for the fast reply! Thats how I do it right now.

For every new article there will be many new different JSON files. It would not be possible for the authors to deploy JSON files themselves. It would be better if they could upload them via backend and refer to them in the article within the JS-snippet.