Post - created on PC, whilst editing on android - all pics gone ! :/


I’ve created a draft of post, uploaded few dozens of photos, all on PC. Few days later i have started to editing it on my android whilst i was on train and all pics are gone ?

it seems like alt text is there but photos aren’t, instead there’s few dots in vertical line…

Will i need to upload them all from the scratch?

Very annoying

Have you checked the content folder to locate the files? If they’re not there, then they weren’t uploaded.

What browser, and method did you use to upload the files, And, what format are the images?

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how can i check content folder (i might not have an access as i’m only contributor)

files were definitely uploaded - i mean, i’ve started article on Chrome on my mac m1
then i’ve carried on editing few days later via android phone (pixel6pro) on my train journey and it opened with the pics loaded but then all pics were gone after autosave i think :/

they were regular jpegs


The images are uploaded to the contents folder on the server. I suggest you speak to the Admin account holder.

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