Pre Sales Question


I have recently stumbled upon to ghost. Planning to start few blogs and currently running the blog Thosetechniques on wordpress. Planning to start a few blogs and I have few presales questions.

  1. If I register with Ghost, i will get a subdomain like or a separate domain?

  2. Can I have several blogs with one account

  3. Is it possible to transfer WordPress blogs to ghost and vice versa.


Great to hear. You want to move on Ghost from WordPress.
Here are the answer to your questions:

  1. Yes, if you take Ghost pro, you will get get a sub-domain of Ghost like this: and You cal also add your custom domain
  2. You can have only one blog under one account. You can create multiple authors under your blog
  3. Yes, it is possible to transfer your wordpress blog posts to Ghost:

If you want to use a premium ghost theme, you can check this out:

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