[Problem] Systemctl is-active ghost_localhost

Hello everyone,

I have been testing Ghost for a few days, and some tireless problems are haunting me and it seems like I do not have much information yet in the community to solve all the cases.

So I decided to bring a problem here to try a solution with someone who has had the same problem.

I currently use the following versions:

  • Ghost-CLI version: 1.10.0
  • Ghost version: 2.21.0

I did the installation usually involves the image below:

When you analyze the Script executed by the Ghost Setup command, it checks the Active Ghost Service using the command below:

  • systemctl is-active ghost_localhost

And according to the image information the service does not exist, but in the meantime the thing is strange.

Because when I used the Ghost Install Local command and the service created was not ghost_localhost but ghost_ghost-local.

Follow the image with the service running:

Link: Sem-t-tulo99 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB (Can I just send a picture here? O_o)

If there is any subroutine in the Ghost * command to override this incorrect service check or inform the service type, it would be interesting and would deminute the maintenance time.

I imagine the service name is related to the type of installation (Ghost Install or Ghost Install Local), correct me if I am wrong.

But I’d say it’s pretty damaging to productivity, as I’m running an instance running multiple sites with Ghost and not using Ghost-Cli commands because of that incorrect service command.

Thanks for your help :)

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