Products not working

In Ghost 4.5 I saw a section called products that allowed me to modify the stripe settings. I am current it in production and I am unable to see the products. I am using SSL behind a proxy and an api gateway. No issues until last update.

I didn’t see it in the changelogs but did that feature get removed? It seems I am missing a section in the admin panel that used to up and it allowed me to create my own products.

I think they removed it in 4.6 because the feature needed some rethinking.


I liked it. I relabeled each tier depending on your party level for

I would also love to see an option to make individual post one time only and also be able to specify who sees it.

Ghetto only fans without the private messaging.

I was surprised to see that in 4.7 it wasn’t working anymore.
The different products have already been in production on my site.
Is there any way to get it back without a rollback?

In a flurry of poking around in the code I could have sworn I saw a flag to turn it on in the development branch.

I too already created the products and also utilize it.