Proxy for cdn resources

To have my blog GDPR compatible I have to host CDN resources on my own in my Theme, this has the BAD side that I have to upgrade my Theme each time I upgrade ghost :frowning:

I would love to implement a proxy for these resources:

  "sodoSearch": {
    "url": "/assets/jsdelivr/sodo-search/umd/sodo-search.min.js",
    "styles": "/assets/jsdelivr/sodo-search/umd/main.css"
  "portal": {
    "url": "/assets/jsdelivr/portal/umd/portal.min.js"
  "comments": {
    "url": "/assets/jsdelivr/comments-ui/umd/comments-ui.min.js",
    "styles": false

If you’re self-hosting why do you need to put those files in your theme? You can set up a basic file serving endpoint in your nginx/apache config at e.g. and have the files live outside of your theme.

I don’t think there’s anything specific Ghost should be doing here as there are all sorts of ways to do what you want to do in a more performant manner than having Ghost itself do the proxying.