Public Preview after the subscription process


I’m using the public preview/hook in some posts. With a subscribe CTA below to read more of the post. Fantastic.

But what is everyone’s experience with people visiting the post again after they have been through the subscription process? By the time they visit their emails and confirm their subscription, they are back at the start.

I feel like Ghost needs a helper of sorts to continue the post they wanted to read in the beginning.

Thoughts? Am I missing something?

The way I see this working – and I am not a coder or developer:

  1. Member signs up through the CTA
  2. The helper grabs the page and places where the member signed up
  3. The helper somehow attaches the information gathered above to the confirmation link in the email
  4. Member clicks the confirmation link
  5. Page, the member, was on reloads at the place they left off - only this time without the CTA

I am not sure, but could you work around this problem by customising the welcome page link for each membership tier to somehow add a link to the page the member was reading last?

That wouldn’t be perfect, but it would at least be a workaround if you could.

Again, I am not a coder or developer, so I don’t know if this is possible.

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Yeah sounds like a helper of sorts is needed.

The welcome email does sound like the best option for now, but that would require updating that all the time. perhaps it could be a magic snippet of sorts that accommodates it?

Surely it could be implemented in the signup/magic link process.