Putting offer in navigation

Quick question – I assume, because the special offer is a pop-up, that an offer cannot be added to the navigation menu? Or to the site itself at all?

I tried it, and sometimes it would reload the home page and then pop up over it, and other times it just reloaded the page.

I tried putting it in a post, and it left the post and loaded the home page, but no pop-up.

I’d like to figure out some way to let people see a promotion for the offer when they come to the home page. (I tried it in an email to myself, and it seemed to work correctly.)


Any ideas? I tried pulling the code out of the popup so I could put it on a standalone post, but no joy.

You can use offer links where ever you like. Offers exist in Portal, so the Portal window needs to open to display the offer to visitors, but the links themselves can be used anywhere.

For example, an offer with an offer code of black-friday:

  • https://yoursite.com/black-friday opens the offer in Portal on your home page

  • https://yoursite.com/celebrate-the-holidays/black-friday opens Portal with the offer on a post with the url yoursite.com/celebrate-the-holidays

If linking to an offer from a post, you’ll want to use the post’s URL with the offer code.

If you use an offer link in the navigation, then you’d probably want to use the homepage. Visitors will be redirected to the homepage with the Portal offer if they click it from any other page of your site, though.

Instead of the Navigation, you could also consider adding a small banner to your homepage in your site’s theme.

More info, after some experimentation:

  • The link does not work from anywhere (admin area, nav, post on the site, email) if you are already logged in as a paying member. And, there is no indication as to why it isn’t working. You click it, it goes to the home page (or refreshes the home page), then nothing else happens.
  • The offer link DOES work from anywhere, including in the navigation or within a post or page IF the person clicking it is not logged in as a paying member.
  • It also works if the person clicking it is logged in as a non-paying member.

After giving it some thought, I can see the logic of this. You typically don’t want your already-signed-up paying members taking advantage of a discount.

However, the fact that there is no explanation as to WHY it isn’t working for you (“Hey, you’re already a member!”) seems like a little bit of a problem.

Hope this research helps someone else.

Thanks for sharing @BruceInLouisville - that’s a good point.

There are a few ways you could share with your audience excluding existing paid members too: