Question: Who likes the techcrunch site?

Please don’t hate me.

I personally like the techcrunch page.

That is why I created a theme similar to techcrunch for my personal use.

My theme has a 70% similarity to the reference page.

If you visited my github account I have many professional themes for ghost and they are free for you to use.

Now I’m using my Simply theme for my personal use and stop using the similar theme TechCrunch

Now I don’t want to leave the theme into oblivion, because I worked very hard on development.

My question is.

If the theme I leave into oblivion or I release the code in github for free use.

If you would like more people to use your themes, you can consider submitting them to the Marketplace.

Hey Hello

I already did. But I was rejected by the ghost team. They didn’t explain why, they just told me to distribute it on my own. :frowning_face: