Recommendations for photo resizing app on iPad?


Looking for recommendations …
I do a lot of my writing for my Ghost blog on my iPad, and I upload the photos for the posts from there. It would be a good idea if I could upload suitably sized photos rather than the full-sized images for speed. Can anyone recommend a good app on the iPad for resizing photos that saves the resized image as a copy (and leaves the original alone). Tried a few from the App Store but couldn’t find anything that would just let me specify the output size in pixels. Plenty that would optimise it for Instagram; Twitter; FB; put stickers on it; add frames; apply the latest funky filter to it; or make it into a collage etc … but just resize it, maybe compress it and save it as a copy, not so much :slightly_smiling_face:

TIA, Jamie


As far as compressing on the go, I like, works in iOS. No resizing though.


I tried this and it was quite good for my iPad Air. But when I updated to iOS 11.3, it didn’t seem to work properly but it did work on other iPad models like iPad Mini 4 and iPad Pro. Have you ever had this problem?


Pixelmator for iOS has the ability to resize images:



I have used snapseed for blogging from my android (also available for iOS).
You can crop and do a lot of fancy stuff before you export the image.
The resolution and quality of the export can be configured in settings.


I really wish there was a great iOS app that can resize, add text, add drop shadows for visibility/contrast, and export at various image compressions. Seems tough to find, other than a full image editor app.

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