Recover Blog Content from the ghost directory

My AWS instance just crashed or it’s not working on the web. But, I am able to connect to it via SSH and can see all the files and installations. I am new to ghost, I need to know where my published blog posts are stored and if I can retrieve those ? Please help

How did you install Ghost? Did you use Ghost-CLI? What configuration did you use?

The answer to your question is dependent on how you set Ghost up.

@Hannah I have installed ghost using aws marketplace using bitnami stack

I am not sure how Bitnami works or where it installs files or what database it uses.

Unless you know how it’s configured - e.g. whether you used MySQL or SQLite and what your Ghost install folder is and can share details of the configuration, I can’t help.

You’d probably need to speak to Bitnami support to find out what went wrong.

@Hannah thanks for you reply again.
So bitnami installs all ghost files using below structure

If you could get an idea of where the blog content could be.
Also, it uses MySQL as a database.

So your data will be in the mysql database, and assets (theme, images, settings) will be in the content folder.

The file config.production.json contains all the connection settings for the DB.

Looks like it’s using Ghost CLI under the hood - CLI docs and knowledge base are all here: