Recovery of deleted members

Hello all. I was cleaning up my list via the filter section and somehow ended up with zero members left. This is devastating (as someone who organically grew a list of over 10k members over 10 years).

My steps were:

  1. Filter unsubscribes. Then click “export and delete” (backup saved).
  2. Filter disabled emails. Then click “export and delete”—but when prompted to chose a save location realise that the filtered list had changed from ~1k to ~10k. So I click cancel – only to realise I now have zero members and no back up.

Surely it must be harder to completely erase a list of 10k members? And surely cancel must cancel the operation?

My one hope is that there may be a way to undo this calamity. I am doing my best to stay sane until business hours resume for the ghost help team, but if anyone has any insight as to how I can restore the members that would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

Deleting members removes the data from the database.

Therefore, your best option is to restore your most recent backup or server snapshot.

Thanks mjw. This is as I feared. I’m with Ghost Pro—are server snapshots part of the Ghost Pro service and if so, how are these accessed? Unfortunately my most recent back up was a long time ago :grimacing:

Please send them an email - hopefully they can retrieve your list!

If that doesn’t work, I may have a stale copy of your list from the last time we worked together. Let me know if you need me to look.


As @Cathy_Sarisky says, Ghost(Pro) users may contact support directly using the email at the foot of this page.

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Thanks both. @Cathy_Sarisky I have been meaning to be back in touch with you for some more coding cleverness. I’ll wait to see what the ghost team say but otherwise will be in touch this week. :sparkles:

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