Regarding the upgrade of the ghost version

I would like to ask, on the premise that all my data is backed up, I will upgrade 5.50 to version 5.59, do the following configurations need to be manually re-imported:

  1. These configurations of nginx;
  2. Is the picture link in the previous article still valid?
  3. I am using the default theme casper, do I need to paste the previous .hbs configuration after the upgrade?
  4. What about administrator background code injection? Do I need to re-copy it in?
  5. What are the special precautions for the first version upgrade, or before upgrading the version?
    I don’t quite understand the directories in which folders are upgraded by this upgrade

These are the only steps needed; you need not be concerned about the points in your opening post.

cd /var/www/<your ghost directory>
ghost backup
ghost update

During these steps you may be prompted for the sudo password, and admin email address associated with the website. Occasionally, you may need to update ghost-cli or Node: messages are displayed when upgrading, so be sure to read them carefully.

It is important to update Ghost (and the OS) regularly; those who fail to do this are more likely to experience issues.

If your hosting plan supports snapshots, I recommend you take one prior to updating until you are comfortable with the process.

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