Remove free email field

Hi all,

I would like to disable the free email field sign-up feature across the entire site to prevent users from registering without a paid subscription. Instead, I would prefer the email field to redirect users directly to the subscription portal when clicked.

Could you please guide me on how to remove the free email field and implement this change?

Thank you.

You can set this in the Portal settings by unchecking the ‘Free’ option for ‘Tiers available at signup’.

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Hi @Raki – I have already changed that in Settings. However, my issue is the free email signup field (see here)

That’s coming from your theme. You could hide it with code injection or remove it by editing the theme.

You can try put the following code into ‘Site header’(Settings–>Code injection–>Site header):

<!-- remove subscribe form -->
      .gh-footer-signup .gh-form {
          display: none;