Deselecting the 'Free' option breaks subscription form

Hi all,

I have both a Subscription form and a Signup button on my site.

What I’d like to do is to turn off the ‘Free’ option from the popup portal, but have the Subscription form still active.

But it looks like when I deselect the ‘Free’ option in the settings, the subscription form, even though it says ‘Working…/check your inbox’ as I test it, never sends me an email to confirm my email.

Is this a bug or expected behaviour?

To clarify: It only fails to email when the free option is turned off, but you DO get an email when the free option is on and you try to choose the paid option?

Asking because I wonder if you’re actually seeing a problem with transactional email not being correctly configured and/or your Stripe setup being incorrect, or whether the problem is only in this exact case.

Hey Cathy,

Correct, when the Free option is not selected, I get no email at all. I’m only testing this out on the free (signup to the newsletter) option.

Again, everything is working as expected. It’s just that I’d like to not have the Free option show up via the portal and only show the paid tiers.


I’m not sure I understood your response. Might need more coffee. You said you’re only testing the free option, so I guess I’m wondering if you’ve been able to get it to send transactional emails at all. If you’re self-hosting, that might be worth checking. (I think I remember seeing somewhere that you’re on Ghost Pro, so that’s probably not it.)

I’ve got a dev site with email working that I can link into a Stripe test account later today, so I can see if I can replicate the problem then. Which theme? And you’re not using custom portal code, right?

Coffee, I understand, always helps ;-)

Here’s what I mean:

Quick note: I’m using Ghost Pro and have built my own theme.

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Seriously the most detailed problem report, ever!

Seems to me like the Free tier needs to be on if you’re letting users sign up for the newsletter. As you say, that /is/ the Free tier. So there’s perhaps an error in the logic that it even shows the subscribe box if the Free tier is off. (Since this is your custom theme, you may not care to fix that, since you’re going to leave the free option on anyway.)

The tiers are displayed by Portal, not your theme. You could tweak that code to get it to only show paid options. Unfortunately, code injection doesn’t work well on Portal because Portal lives in an iframe.

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Yeah, that’s what I was afraid of :grimacing: I wish we could have the option to have a signup form away from the portal/tiers. We can wish I guess.

And thanks! Being a tech support guy for over 30 years, these are the reports I want, hence doing them this way :nerd_face::+1:

It’s probably a pretty easy fix in Portal. I’m going to dig into that code this afternoon anyway (because I discovered I missed a spot in making a dark mode version), so if I can point you at an easy fix, I will. :slight_smile:


Oh that would be awesome! But as it’s an iFrame I’m not sure how much can be done.

Hey. I did some fussing around with Portal today and wonder if the problem is your sign up link on the front page. If you use #/portal/account/plans , you get a display just of paid plans, without the free plan shown. I’m only seeing the free plan shown when I user who is /not/ signed in clicks the #/portal/signup link.

I’m confused.

All links work as designed.


Ah. So you want to only show the paid option when someone who is not signed in clicks the signup link. Sorry, I thought you wanted to only show paid for someone already registered (because they were already on the free tier).

Whether paid or not, I don’t want the free to show up at all. Anywhere.

Hi guys, sorry I’m replying on this thread, but I didn’t want to create a topic for this. The 5.14 version seems to be available but I’m still running 5.13.2 on Ghost pro. Any way to know when this version will be installed?

Hey mate, were you able to find a solution for this?

I too do not want the free tier showing up anywhere.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!