Remove markup on post



I wanted to post a snippet of a code but what happens is that it gets kinda unreadable because of the markup it has. I know I can use the ` to mark it up as code but on a large script it’s kind of a hassle.

I wanted to post a sample of the snippet but since I’m new here, I can’t.
I want to post my own version of the Fail2ban jail.local into a post.

How can I achieve this at best?

Thanks in advance,


Never mind, found it with CTRL + ALT + C

Since I’m new I can’t close this topic but thanks anyway!


@rfrancocantero it would be useful if you can link to an example page with an unreadable code snippet or post a screenshot so that we can determine what’s going wrong.

If you’re posting large blocks of code then fenced code-blocks in markdown is what you’re after


Thanks Kevin for your very quick help!
I solved it!


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