Remove "powered by Ghost and Auden" footer

Dear Team. How do I remove the default footer on my Auden theme website.

Do you see where you have “Published” highlighted? If you go one line up, you’ll notice the opening <div> tag. Delete everything within this opening <div> and the closing </div> but keep both the tags. That will remove it but be careful to notice if it breaks the layout somehow. I hope that helps.

Thanks I will try this. Do I use GitHub for this?

I’m not sure of your current Ghost site and GitHub setup.

To edit your theme, you will need a text editor like VScode. Then, after saving the edits, you can re-upload it in your Ghost admin.

The file you want to edit is likely site-footer.hbs in the partials folder, and the block is a the end of the file.

Note that you’ll need to merge your changes whenever you receive theme updates. To help with this I use Meld.

Thank you Martin. I spent a small age looking for it!

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It still however unfortunately remains

Success. Many thanks*