Replace the portal URL to take signups off site?

Is it possible to replace the portal URL so that when someone hits ‘subscribe’ it takes them off-platform? In my case, it would be a subdomain hosted elsewhere. I would use this to integrate a more robust data capture and analytics. I would integrate with Stripe off-platform and then use Zapier to update my ghost site with the new member info and tier.

Can this be done?

It’s possible to tell Portal not to display the Portal button. It’s possible to edit the theme to not display links that pop up portal but instead open your own pages that replace the functionality. (You’ll want a custom content-cta.hbs if your theme doesn’t already have one, in addition to needing to hunt down any header/footer behavior.)

You’re still going to want to load the Portal

Thanks, Cathy! When I land on my home page, there are two SUBSCRIBE buttons. One on the header bar and one floating on the lower right.

I still want both of those to exist, I just want them to bring up my custom checkout page (which will be hosted off site on Wordpress for the reasons mentioned above).

So, in theory, this should be as simple as tracking down the portal URLs linked in the code and changing them, right?

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The floating one is from the portal code itself - you’ll need to turn it off in the settings and code a similar-looking replacement. The one in the header is just coded by the theme.

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Following up here. I don’t mind the LOOK of the buttons, I just want them to all push to the same (external) URL. Is that possible? Seems like it should just be a line of code somewhere with a URL in it, right?

It doesn’t have to look similar, but seriously, the way to make the Portal button link somewhere else is to NOT use it. The top button is controlled by your theme and you can make it link wherever you want. The portal button you just need to turn off in settings.

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OK thanks! I was trying to make good on your “you’re still going to want to load the portal button” part of this!

You need to load the JavaScript code. But you can turn the display of the button off.

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