RSS Feed for Podcast Episode Posts - (not-iTunes)

Hi There!

Really enjoying Ghost. We are using our Ghost install for a paid membership platform which gives our bonus podcast episodes to members. I do this simply by embedding an HTML 5 player in a post with show notes. (Example Here)

We’ve had a lot of requests for an RSS feed for these episodes that users can plug in to their preferred podcast player in order to easily access them.

Patreon provided an RSS feed natively when uploading audio posts. However, if i’m not mistaken, audio posts (let alone auto-generated RSS feeds for podcast uploads) is not a native Ghost feature. And that makes total sense. That’s a pretty specific and ‘big ask,’ as they say.

I found, in the Ghost docs, instructions on setting up an iTunes specific RSS feed for Ghost.

That being said, most of our users don’t use iTunes to listen to podcasts. Are there instructions on how to setup posts so they can be delivered in a generalized podcast-friendly rss feed that users can use to feed directly into their podcast players? (Most podcast players support this). Is this even possible with Ghost? I’m not new to web design, but RSS feeds and their construction are a bit alien to me.

Appreciate any guidance or thoughts on this one!

Tech info: