RSVP Form using Javascript, n8n, and Google Sheets

Hello, I’ve been working on using Ghost as my Wedding Website and one of the biggest things holding me back has been a good RSVP Form. I’ve seen some other folks talk about it around the chat, discord, or forums and wanted to drop a link here for easy reference if someone is searching.

I’ll have a more in-depth write-up with the files on github (Here) and my personal blog (Here), you can also Demo it on my personal blog.

Long story short, I couldn’t find a cheap and easy form system that let me validate users from an existing list, and then ask questions to update that existing list. So I made one with Ghost in mind. I hope to add a few more features such as a confirmation email but for now this is working for me.

The bulk of the effort is handled with Javascript that can be embedded using the HTML block - but if you want to be able to reference {{}} you’ll need to add it as a custom hbs file to your theme.
From there it sends the payload to N8N to connect to google sheets to validate the guest name. Once Validated the survey is all Javascript, and the final payload is again sent to N8N which executes an update on the google sheet.

It’s not perfect but it took me awhile to get working and figured someone out there would benefit from this skeleton.