Schedule based on members' individual timezones?

Hello, my Ghost newsletter has turned out to have a very global audience and I wondered if anyone had a means to schedule their Ghost newsletters so that they arrive at e.g. 10am in London, 10am in New York, 10am in Mumbai rather than just at one single time?

I’m thinking of something like the Timewarp feature over at Mailchimp which delivers the email to the audience based on the recipient’s time zone, instead of the time zone in the account settings. Is there a way to do this with Ghost? Or is there an additional programme someone is successfully using in concert with Ghost? Or might there be plans for this?

Thank you.


Hi Tan, did you get an answer by someone from Ghost? Or did you find a solution to the problem by yourself in the meantime? Thanks

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Hi, no I didn’t get an answer and have just assumed it’s not possible at the moment as I couldn’t find a way around it.

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Okay, thank you. We are working on a work-around for now. The idea is to create timezone clusters (member labels; US West Coast for instance) on the basis of the country code / information that we get from most of the subscribers (it’s less likely to get the city code / information). It’s a bit of a hassle because we have different sign-up forms (Ghost direct, Meta, other newsletters etc.) and the automation processes for importing the subscriber data can be tricky… A Ghost solution to this would be nice and in my view essential in the future.

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That is a great idea.

Agree Ghost need to take the hassle out of this though.

Hi again, I have been thinking about what you said here “we have different sign-up forms (Ghost direct, Meta, other newsletters etc.)” and would love to see how you are doing this, if that is okay? Would you mind sharing your newsletter site?

Sure. It’s but you will only find the Ghost signup forms (Tiers). We run geo-targeted campaigns on Meta (for instance Los Angeles) and created a signup form on Meta that then adds new members to Ghost via a Zap. And the Zap, based on the information “Los Angeles”, adds the respective label (US West Coast). We also run an ad in a newsletter network, same game there. Does that help?

That’s really interesting thanks - also, very cool site and concept!