Community question of the week #9: Where do you write?

No, we don’t mean whether you write your posts from the bath :bathtub:

Instead, we’re interested in which software you use to compose your posts:

Do you write your posts directly in the Ghost editor or in another app like Notion, Google Docs, or iA writer.

Why do you choose one method or the other?

  • Write posts in the Ghost editor
  • Write posts somewhere else
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There’s no right answer here. Any workflow that gets your posts published and out there is a workflow that works :muscle:

Our community is a treasure trove of knowledge, experience, and creativity, especially when it comes to using Ghost. Questions of the week are an opportunity to share and learn from these resources.

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Obsidian on a Mac.

Works fantastically well and uses Markdown. I use it for all my note taking. There’s a plugin for Ghost that uploads the text and creates a draft post in native format, so final tweaks can be made within the Ghost editor.

It’s worth paying for Obsidian Sync to have the same info on all devices.

I’ve also used Ulysses, but Obsidian is better in my view.

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Great shout! Thank you

I write directly in the Ghost editor. I often have half a dozen drafts, titles without content, random snippets, etc, but it keeps everything in one place! :)

I’d like some content management and a calendar. One of these days I’ll write one! :)

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I used to be a masochist that highlighted printouts from which I made notes from:

…notes which I then used to write drafts by hand, each draft written upon updated printouts (derived from a nice print.css file I’ve created for my Ghost site):

But fortunately I now use Readwise Reader to highlight articles, PDFs, YouTube videos, Tweets, transcribed podcasts (transcribed via MacWhisper), etc, and then Heptabase to organize those Readwise Reader highlights for writing directly in Ghost. Heptabase’s v2 Readwise Reader integration is not bad, but I expect its v3, possibly coming sometime this year, to be much better. It’s possible that I might write posts directly in Heptabase once its v3 Readwise Reader integration is released (which could then be copied over to Ghost when completed), but I doubt it.

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I guess I’m weird.

I write in Word and have each post in its own folder along with any images/ charts/ data needed for that post.

That then gets turned into Ghost/ Medium/ LinkedIn content and posted.

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This is me as well, with a stop at the Hemingway editor.

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