Scrolling quickly through list of posts stops list of posts from loading

As the title says: When I load up the list of posts and then quickly scroll down to the bottom of the list in order to get further down, the spinning icon most often goes on forever and nothing happens/loads. More specifically, it’ll generally load just one more round of posts, but that’s it. Although it generally won’t get past the 60th post, sometimes after the icon spins for 10-15 seconds a few extra posts will appear, but then the icon really spins forever and nothing further happens.

I’ve tried this out on four different instances, and it occurs with all of them: one on 2.33.0 (that I specifically updated from 2.32.0 to see if 2.33.0 fixed the issue), two on 2.32.0, and one on 2.30.2. I noticed that if I scroll really slow and give the list time to load before I get to the spinning icon then the list of posts does load. Really slow is necessary though, as even medium locks it up. That being said, no matter how slow I go or what I try I can’t get one of those instances on 2.32.0 to load anything past the 60th post.

These four instances are spread over three IPs on Linode, so I don’t think it’d be a server problem. As well, the front ends load just fine past the 60th post.

UPDATE: It’s been noticed that this isn’t so much a problem with Ghost so much as a problem with Firefox. On Chrome the issue doesn’t occur. You can see that I can get all the posts to load up until the very end of the list:


But when I get to the bottom of the initial list on Firefox the next section loads up (with with a “jump” rather than an extension of the list), then nothing. It just sits there loading and loading:


I’m not sure when this started occurring. At least 2.32.0 as that’s when I first noticed it. Otherwise, I’m on Firefox 69.0.3, MacOS 10.14.6, Ghost 2.35.0.