Journal free theme browsing

Hi community,

I am using Journal theme and something weird happens when browsing pages from the menu, it seems to load the entire website each clic. I thought that it could come from my personal installation but the problem is exactly the same on official Journal demo.

Why does it happen and how could it be avoid ?

I’m not able to reproduce the issue you’re seeing. When I click reload on the demo Journal theme site, the full website doesn’t reload. Do you have a web dev console open with the cache disabled or something?

please see the capture of what happens on Journal. I don’t know if it re loads or not, but the browsing seems problematic. I tried this on various browsers and devices. It is everywhere the same problem. I am not sure to understand why it is like this and if it can be avoided or not.

Clicking links does load a new page. Ghost is not a single page web app, but it should be caching (scripts, images, etc) to make reloads fast. On my screen, the journal demo behaves fine. The portal button (bottom right corner) shows up a hair later than the rest of the page, but the page load speed seems fine. Is it possible that your internet was having a problem when you posted this? I can’t reproduce either.

No, my internet is fine, and as I said I’ve made the test on various devices. Ipad, Mac mini, iPhone.
Do you agree at least that there is a problem on my screen record ?