Second blog type website


I am wondering how to resolve our needs. So we made an Ghost CMS for Blog content. It’s on last stage of development and in days should be released.

After good experience with blog we wish to create a FAQ section on our website. We came to conclusion with 2 solutions:

1. Create FAQ content in current Blog Ghost with internal tag.

  • FAQ content will be visible in sitemaps: which is bad idea for our SEO manager.
  • It will be on the same domain ex. ourpage/blog/faq: which is also bad idea for our SEO manager

2. Create new Ghost CMS for FAQ content for easy management of content.

  • We have to maintain two ghost themes - ex. footer and header which changes pretty often in our case

Is it possible to share elements beetween two instances of Ghost?
Or maybe more advanced users have another solution which may we use.

That surprises me. I thought the current thinking was that content drive everything (and FAQs are certainly content!) and that having everything on one domain was better than subdomains. I’m no SEO expert, but I’d be interested to know the thinking here!

If you’re really going to run two ghost installs, you could probably set up some deploy scripts that copy header and footer files (and whatever else is common) between the two sites, but I’d ask your SEO expert for more explanation first!

Main reason is that FAQ is have not rich content value and may have negative impact for blog content.

The general and very simple rule is ‘if makes sense to use a subdomain because it’s clearly different from the top, it’s OK to use another’ (then security and technical stuff say thanks god!).

So we don’t want but and that applies with docs/kb/support, bots, apis, roadmap system.

Are tags different from the top domain? I don’t think so, so in that case it’s better to use :slight_smile:

Are you sure about that?

In your position I would polite ask why to the SEO Manager to analize if the decision to move the FAQ to subdomain really makes sense.

Don’t look this way.