Select which editor to use during edit process

So we know that ghost now have visual editor, but currently what I encounter is authors in my site, some prefer markdown while others prefer visual editor.

So I’m asking is it possible to let user choose which editor to use during post creating process, or in the edit section. Maybe when the post is firstly created, instead of directly showing text field, show two button which one said Start writing post with markdown editor while another one say Start writing post with visual editor.

See - ✨ Koenig Editor - Beta Release - #3 by John

The markdown editor that comes with Ghost is one of the features of the Koeing editor!

With markdown block, is it possible to use the function that blocks your backspace key? (sorry I can’t remember the name)

It was called Hemingway mode. Doesn’t seem to work with Koenig.

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Yes please!!! You can use the “classic” Ghost 1.0 editor with older bits of content.

I need this!

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When you see the +, you can add a markdown card. Let you all off.

The old editor is a Markdown card inside the new editor - and has been that way for a full year! So, good news, nothing changes! You can keep using the Markdown editor and just ignore all the new features - no worries.

however, you are severely limited to what you can put in here, no tables etc. Best off to use HTML markup I guess.

Not to take away from the severity of OP’s problem, but it seems a bit ridiculous to ask a team of, what, 3 developers to focus on slightly modifiying preexisting functionality for subjective purposes?

I don’t mean this as a personal jab. It seems that the more things Ghost does right, the less satisfied the resulting larger audience becomes. This is undoubtedly human nature, but this is exactly how ended up with that Wordpress monstrosity in the first place.

Adding a “which editor would you like to use?” modal would add 1 extra click to use the Markdown editor… or… you can add a Markdown card to the new editor, which is… also 1 extra click. So this isn’t really any sort of optimisation. It’s the exact same thing, but messier and annoying more people.

I should mention, seeing as a lot of people seem to be missing this, that the new editor also supports markdown without cards. Just write Markdown. It automatically converts on the fly ** turns text bold, ## starts an H2, and so on.

Closing this topic because it doesn’t make sense to vote on it - we aren’t going to change the default editor.

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