Publish to test then to all

I want to send out a test email first to my two email addresses. But when I do that I can no longer send it out to all the subscribers! How do I send a published post out again?

You can’t.

You can, however, duplicate the post. Or simply use the preview function to “test”.

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I think this should be a basic feature to send to new members after the fact.
In the preview can you send a test email?

Yes. Have a look at the GIF I sent you. There’s a “Send test email” button.

And you can always go to your own Ghost instance and try yourself. Then you’ll see the button as well.

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Got it. I think this should be a basic feature to send to new members after the fact.

This button if it’s set to send to free subscribers will it send it to the paid too? Or do I have to create a new button just for the paid subscribers to have it send it to both???

No, because that’s not the point of a newsletter. On ConvertKit, Mailchimp, etc. you also don’t send old newsletters to new subscribers?

The whole idea of a newsletter is to send periodic updates to your subscribers. If you go back and say “oh, this old post is super important”, then you need to create a welcome sequence. There are tutorials on how you can do that with Ghost and Zapier.

I don’t know. Best way to figure it out is to try, probably. But my assumption would be that it’s only sent to free subscribers.

It’s not about sending old newsletters to new subscribers. It’s about sending it out to first to friends let’s say, then to paid and last to free subscribers. And I did it with mailerlite.

OMG so I have to add two buttons. They should really hire a UX designer. There should be a “To all” in the dropdown. Or better yet each tier has a checkbox.

Ghost is an open source project. If you feel like there is something that can be improved, you can always contribute:

I don’t see on that page how I can be of help as a UX designer