How do I ensure members are sent post emails in "self-hosted" Ghost install?

I have a ghost site hosted on hosting so it is a few releases behind (3.0.3) at all times but I do have the members feature and like it. For the life of me though, I cannot figure out if/how my members get notified when I publish a new post. My wife and I are members and do not receive an email but the test email does come through.

If you guys (ghost) didn’t charge for SSL I may have made the switch already just to get better support but my site is small and just a personal hobby so I cannot justify (and nor is it justifiable) to pay monthly for an SSL cert.

Free SSL:

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I assume you tried the test email in “Post settings > Email newsletter”, not “Labs > Test email configuration”. If so, your Mailgun configuration shouldn’t be an issue here.

Did you check Send by email when you publish your post?

I might be wrong, but it looks like Ghost(Pro) only charges extra $25/mo when you use a custom SSL. If a custom SSL isn’t mandatory for you, a free SSL is included in all plans.

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Interesting. I don’t see a Post Settings section and did, in fact, only try it in the Labs area. Maybe something with my version.

And thanks for the SSL clarification. That makes sense.

Ghost 3.0.3 isn’t a few versions behind - it’s 6 months old! The mail feature for members was released in 3.1.0, which was actually the very next version. There have been countless tweaks and improvements to members since then, Ghost is currently on version 3.12.1.

All Ghost(Pro) sites have SSL included for free as has been pointed out, this is listed on the pricing page as “Automatic SSL certificate”. Charges are only if you want to use your own custom cert.

I realize this but I don’t have access to the server to make the upgrade and hosting companies don’t exactly all work at the speed of startups. 6 months is 6 months to them, not like 6 years as it is to us. :slight_smile: