SEO Implementations


  1. How can I set a custom SEO title for the homepage? (I don’t want to use the defined one from the admin, because I want to use the defined one for all the pages)

  2. Right now, the default title of posts, pages, and tags, is just “Title”. I want to use “Page Title - Site Name”.

  3. How to add tag manager? For tag manager, there is a code that needs to be placed below the header, and another set of code below the body opening tag.

Is it possible to achieve it? If yes, how can I implement that?


Hey there @Akhil :wave:.

  1. This depends on the theme you are using. If your theme has a “home” page, i.e. there’s a page item for it in the pages tab, then you can use the ‘Meta Data’ option in the right hand page options to add your own Meta title and description. If your theme doesn’t have this then you might need to check out our docs so you create your own custom home page template

  2. Again, this is possible with the ‘Meta Data’ option in the right hand side. However you may not want to edit the meta title manually every time you create a new page. If you’re willing to get your hands dirty with code then check out our theme docs on how to make a custom template so you can give yourself more control over meta information:

  3. If you mean Google Tag Manager then the steps are very similar to adding Google Analytics ( It’s even possible to add both Google Analytics & Tag Manager at the same time, check out their official docs for more information:

I hope these answers help! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the response David.

I saw the GA integration tutorial and it is pretty straight forward.

But, Google Tag Manager is having two set of codes. One for below and one for below

Adding GTM like GA will only help me to add the head code, and what about the code?


I’m a little confused by your typos but I’m guessing you mean code for the top of the page and code for the bottom? You can add them in the Code Injection tab, there you can add code to the head of the page as well as the foot (before the closing <body/> tag)