SEO Issues with Ghost Editor Cards


I currently use callouts and toggles to highlight important points or summarise a paragraph. Their main use was to try to hit that Google paragraph snippet/rank higher. I think they have amazing design and look great.

But, I have now noticed that callouts and toggles are not included in the Ghost Editor word count.
Comparing similar articles with or without these two editor blocks also seems to affect their ranking on Google.

I understand that SEO is a complex topic and what I am saying is quite anecdotal, but I am curious if this is a recognized downside to using these lovely designed new editor cards? Or are there solutions, for example using FAQ schema…

Thanks for your time.

Ghost outputs clean semantic markup for all of your content, and the content you include in callout cards and toggles is accessible by Googlebot.

This means the search engines can definitely crawl and see the content you’ve included in those cards.

As you know, featured snippets are competitive. I have noticed that some of our featured snippets tend to be the first or second paragraphs of the post (so make the answer to the question prominent), or in some cases Google likes to use a list in the featured snippet, using the headings of a list style article.

Hi Kym - thanks for getting back and thanks for clarifying that for me :)

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