Serving Members Only Posts Preview On Homepage - Ghost Casper Theme

Hey all,

Looking for some support to figure out how to edit the casper theme to highlight member only content previews on the homepage. Thanks! Right now only content previews show up for public content.

Hi @tareq
So you want to display only the members only contents on Casper theme? or you want to make the members/paid members posts to be stand out from the public/free contents…?

I want all the content previews (regardless of permission) to show up on the home page and the tags route. Right now only free content appears but I’d like the member-walled content previews to also appear that way folks can click in to the story and then see that they have to provide an email.

something like this

If so Then I would suggest you to change your theme from casper to Lyra

As Lyra theme already has that feature… & Its completely compatible with Ghost Membership Feature


You are welcome!