Setting domain alias

So I’m using google’s compute engine with a static IP and I go through the installation process 100% same as the documentation (including all recommended environment setup).

Now I’m wondering, is it possible to set up the server that can configure other domains to point to the author’s page. So let’s say our main domain is what we configure when installing ghost, which it shows the homepage of the blog (of course). Then is it possible to set up nginx (or other stuff), that allows the author to add custom domain and point to their author page?

So let’s say there’s an author called Andrew, can we help it set up that when anyone accesses his domain, it’ll lead them to his author page (

What you’re asking isn’t specific to Ghost, but it’s doable!

How this is done depends on your registrar - many by default support something called URL Forwarding - what this means is your registrar will tell anyone that accesses that the domain is valid, but you can find the content at (assuming you setup the forwading like that).

Instructions for Google domains, Hover (maybe?), Gandi, and namecheap

If you don’t want to use your domain registrar, you need to configure a server to do the redirects, which adds a decent amount of overhead

It looks like you’re talking about redirection, I was wondering is it possible to serve content from when user access, so the address bar is still showing, not something like

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