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My Website (in Chinese) is hosted on Hetzner shared vCPU (Arm64) with docker, the website talks about tech and hobbies. The theme I am using is Source from

Hey all! My blog is,
I am exploring the intersection between blockchain and artificial intelligence. I invite you to check it out and let me know what you think!


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I made observed and noted (, a personal blog of sorts where I post short stories, once per day, based on everyday observations. It’s extremely satisfying to express myself through words, even if I’m not advertising their existence.

Here is my blog:

I’m using source theme

Hi all :wave: I’m new to publishing and a few weeks in with, where I help business leaders with AI knowledge, strategies and tools. Loving the simplicity and power of Ghost!

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Cheap Flights By Jetsetter Alerts
I am using the Taste Theme

We send out personalized airfare alerts for flash sales as well as airline mistake fare alerts, which is an amazing travel hack that can save you tons of money on your travels all around the world.

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I’ve just launched my new site/newsletter using Ghost and the amazing Source theme, although with a slightly tweaked (I would say improved :wink:) dark footer.
Have a look :point_right:


I’m on Source theme and my blog is about stock market (in French).


Just started a personal blog some time ago.
Blog :point_right::
Theme :point_right:: Twilight - a customized version of Dawn.

I’ve just started a brand new blog self hosted on the aws free tier and using the Solo theme. Very impressed with the platform.

Ghost CMS and Casper Theme, little rebuilded & still working on it.

Publications are in Polish language.

There are mostly scripts and ghost installation using docker:

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My Site -

Unbiased breaking news, written by AI.

Using a highly customized version of source theme.


This looks sooo cool

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The site design looks great – I love the cartoon look!

But I’m a little horrified by this statement. And did Jay Leno and his wife have a literal fight? They look like it! This is satire, not serious, right? Right?

I read your other post (Unbiased Breaking News, written by AI) and no, actually, I’m not just a little horrified.


Thanks for the comment. :)

No not satire, if you read that post you’re referring to, it talks about his own motorcycle accident where he was badly injured, which is where I presume the AI is getting that bit in the image from.

I’m at, writing from a “curiosity across disciplines” perspective.

I use the weblog theme by @curiositry

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Publiso, my blog in Brazilian Portuguese

My website is and uses the standard ‘Source’ theme.

I write about cloud and tech stuff. :sunglasses:

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We are at, a website for paper crafters using Aspire themes Penang (shout out to @ahmadajmi ). Thank you for the hard work of this awesome community!