Short notes and long articles

I think I would post more often on my blog if there would be a way to post notes without headlines, like a status on the socials that is also visibly different from longer articles. Do you feel the same or is this something out of scope of what Ghost should be?


This is certainly something I’ve been interested in for a while. Right now, I’m using two different platforms for those use cases, but part of me would love to bring them together.


With the announcement of ActivityPub coming to Ghost, I took the opportunity to write in their feedback form that AP offers notes, articles, events and places as formal post formats and it would be cool to see that implemented. With longer articles, I realised that I have a lot more draft posts with ideas that I never feel are finished and worth publishing. Notes could be a starting point for a topic that eventually leads to a finished article. I’m just thinking out loud here. :smiley:

Right now this would generally be done at the theme level. Posts would still have a title in the Admin area but if a post has a particular (internal) tag then your theme would display it in a different manner and without the title.

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Can someone suggest a theme where the distinction between a note post and a long article post is already baked in and which I could use with a starter account of Ghost Pro? Thank you.

The only options on the Ghost pro starter are the free ones. I don’t believe any of them have a “short note” sort of post type – the differences are mostly larger vs narrower feature images. You could probably still use a tag that hides the title, as long as you pick a theme that uses css classes for tags, so that you can target it with code injection.

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Thank you Cathy, I’m using the Source theme 1.2.2 and will try what you suggested.

My hope is, when ActivityPub on Ghost arrives, there will be an official theme supporting both kinds of posts - standard blog articles and short non-title status posts.

@rhandrow My Laminim theme has special styling for articles tagged “note”, which you can see in action on my blog. But it’s kind of the opposite approach – it de-emphasizes short posts and riffs by just having the headline.

Is it correct that you’re looking for functionality that would put the whole body of the post in the feed, with no header and no metadata?

If you decide to go with Laminim, I could add custom styling like this for “status update” type posts.

That’s a nice offer, @curiositry! But I think the original poster is using the Starter plan, which wouldn’t let them load a custom theme.

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Good point @Cathy_Sarisky. I’m guessing you can’t modify the handlebars files of included themes like Source on the Starter plan? Using just code injection would limit the formatting to what’s available in excerpts/custom excerpts – but that might not be a problem for tweet-like posts.

However, unless I’m missing something, Source only has tag classes for the featured post excerpts. So you can do something in code injection along the lines of:

.tag-note .gh-card-wrapper :not(.gh-card-excerpt),
.tag-note .gh-card-image {
    display: none !important;

… but it doesn’t apply to the posts further down the homepage, which don’t have a tag class.

Right. So @rhandrow , you might want to look at Casper, which does tag posts with a class corresponding to their tag. There’s a post list format that isn’t too far off of what you are looking for, maybe.

Or perhaps Journal, if you don’t want images on the index page.

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I would 100% welcome a theme that does this, I posted recently on my quest to find something similar… I shall keep following Theme announcements until something comes up!


This is something that has crossed my mind too

My way to make it work was by customizing a tag page

You can see it here: notinhas - Cosmoliko

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