Side Bar for advertisements


I have an idea for future developments, and it’s having an option to show a side bar on the right side (and/or left side), site wide, and for posts.

The purpose of this side bar is to include the following:

  • Affiliate Links / Pictures with affiliate links which will be shown either site wide or on posts

  • Featured Content site wide, such as a specific post which will be shown site wide,

  • Featured content for posts: Related links / posts or other information that might relate to posts. (so when creating a post, include the side bar to include those links or information there)

Please let me know what you think, if this is something that could be considered for further exploration.

  • Yes - I’d like to see this in future versions
  • No - This is not a good idea
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This is entirely handled by the theme and code injection, and is possible today. Furthermore, please don’t open multiple threads covering the same topic.

Closing this thread.