Signup mail contains 2 differents URLs

Hello everyone,

I’m currently facing an issue about the URL inside the Signup email.

One of my member told me that links are different from signup button and the URL of copy-paste.

I tried to check inside the signup.js file but it seems that the variable is the same for both.

Do you have an idea about this ?


  • Version 5.55.1
  • MySQL, Node 16.20.1, Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)

To reproduce, you can directly subscribe on our newsletter (it’s not hidden advertising :joy:) :

This is what the email contains :

Both links should be the same–this is what I see in mail my site. However, I note that you have Mailgun MX records on both domains for bulk mail, but no MX for the bare domain, How are you sending transactional messages such as the sign-up email?

I’m not sure I understood the question. How can I configure how emails for signup are sent ?

Have you configured Mailgun for transactional email, or are you using another email service to send via SMTP?

You were right, it comes from the config.production.json. I changed the for and it worked well !
I really appreciate your help !