Confirm Email Address button leads to a dead link

Hi guys,

Trying to set up signup flow and I am getting this weird bug where the button’s link is different from the link to given to copy and paste. As shown below:

When I click on the button it doesn’t go anywhere because that domain doesn’t exist.

My website is
I am on Ghost 3.20.3
I am self-hosting ghost right now on AWS

To reproduce try subscribing.

This might be a site configuration issue. Would you mind sharing it please?

Hey @DavidDarnes,

Did you mean the config.production.json file? I’ve shared it here.

If it’s another file that you’re looking for do let me know

@shavin47 it looks like you have mailgun tracking enabled. This rewrites your URLs to go through mailgun so you can see what links people are clicking on. Mailgun’s documentation isn’t great, but here’s what they track by default


It could be the mailgun tracking thing. I had the same issue, and I hadn’t added my card details to mailgun yet (dunno if that was the reason). Go to mailgun settings and set all the tracking options to no. See if it works, it did for me.

Yep, it was the mailgun. Turned off tracking options and it works now.

Thanks for your help @vikaspotluri123 and @Caucasus-and-Mercury

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