Simple ghost stats/analytics

THIS is what I expected when the initial video came out announcing Ghost. Good to see someone made it!


the analytic plugin costs around 1/3 of the cost of my hosted Ghost setup …

Am I the only one thinking that Ghost should purchase the rights to Ghostboard?


I tried out Matomo for my instance and it is amazing. It is fully featured and doesn’t suffer the 3rd party hosting or data problem that Google Analytics does. It took me just a couple of hours to have it running and working with my Ghost site on my Docker Swarm. Thanks for the pointer.


I’m totally with @someguy about the Pricing for Ghostboard.

I used Matomo (known as Piwik) for quiet some Time in the Past with many Blogs and for normal Websites, without any bigger Problems so far.

Compared to something as a small Script like Statify for WordPress, then Matomo is a real Monster of a Beast in terms of Size and Value.

Yes, you absolutely could and should use Matomo to keep track of multiple Sites but for “only One whole” Website it’s a bit too much in my Opinion, that’s all what I’m saying.

That’s why I called for a more smaller kinda Plugin to do the same Job. :wink:


There is something strange with ghostboard.
I installed it last night by activating the free trial version.
Today reports:
Ghostboard says I received exactly 1/3 of the visits compared to what Google Analytics says.
Ghostboard says that traffic on my site is 95% from a foreign country, which is the opposite of Google Analytics, and my site is not in English, but in my native language.

No bots filter enabled
No IP filter enabled

There is something wrong, I think.

hey @giacomosilli thanks for your message!

About the countries, I would suggest you to enable the bots filter as I can see your blog got a lot of Googlebots hits (US visits) :thinking: And maybe the bots filter should be enabled by default on Ghostboard

On the other hand, I’m investigating the 1/3 visits issue in your first day, as Ghostboard is constantly updated this will be fixed soon :slight_smile:

Please follow up your dashboard and let me know any question or feedback via Ghostboard support, I’m happy to help you and extend your free trial if you find more issues

Thanks for the reply, and for the support.
I just activated the bots filter, let’s see what happens.
As for the visits, about yesterday there is a difference of 1/2 compared to GA.

My country

My country

I’ll second (third?) this recommendation. Just got Fathom working on a server this weekend that has an existing Ghost install, and it’s lightweight and has a simple, clean interface. :+1:

Doesn’t have the powerhouse of metrics that GA has, but it has exactly what I wanted - which pages are most popular and how people are finding my site.

Will we be able to create a page/dashboard within the ghost backend that will show some analytics?
I’d settle for an iframe, but could see this as a fantastic integration opportunity.

Thanks for mentioning this! I can safely say there are no trackers on my site that might scare visitors away. :grin:

In case it’s useful to anyone, I wrote a two part tutorial on my Ghost blog: how to use GoAccess for simple CLI reports and also how to use it with nginx and websockets for realtime statistics:

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Fathom open source project is not maintained anymore right?

Cloudflare is releasing free privacy focused web analytics

I don’t see anything indicating that it’s dead, either in their GitHub repo or on their main site. The last update was awhile back, but it’s working perfectly well on my site so maybe they’re not feeling a lot of pressure to make more changes right now?

Looks like they’re addressing issues and PRs too - there’s outstanding stuff, but they are responding to things…

I hope that is true Grant. It’s a great product.
One of the core developers and original founders who left the project also created a WP plugin called “Koko Analytics”.