Simple ghost stats/analytics

Also went with Plausible after some research…it’s cheap, privacy-focused

I was debating Cloudflare vs Plausible, but was convinced by their pitch here:
Cloudflare Web Analytics vs Plausible Analytics | Plausible Analytics

On the Plausible website, you can also find comps with Matomo

I’d recommend two before all the rest:

  • Plausible
  • Simple Analytics

The reason is that they are really dedicated to privacy and protecting your rights. As an additional act of good faith, their newsletters do not include any trackers. They are serious when they say they are privacy focused. And their solutions are compliant with GDPR, without having arguments and weighing words and their meanings against each other.

@Kheo, your question was quite a while ago, but since I did not see anyone else answer it:

Removing GA (Google Analytics) should not affect your visibility in Google Search. Lots of the biggest, most successful sites on the Internet use Adobe Analytics and do quite well. One thing to be aware of if you do switch is that you may be relying on GA to do Google Search Console verification, so you might need to select another way to get access to that data.

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Time to give this thread a tickle.

I’ve been looking for something simple to log the number of page reads. It doesn’t need to be any more fancy than’s page counts. I just want to know what is and isn’t read.

Would be wonderful to do this without handing over data to anyone else and, much as Ghostboard looks nice, I can’t justify the expense for a small readership specialist site.